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Send Social Media July 1, 2015 FAQ's

profile is any social network account, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus or blog that can be posted to and tracked. This also includes monitoring and automation services such as the Twitter Auto Follower, RSS Auto Poster and automated welcome messages.

Send Social Media September 11, 2013 3 Announcements

1907412.pngSocial Media Management At Your Fingertips!

Login at: http://dashboard.sendsocialmedia.com/mobile.

You will now also be notified about your new mobile app on the login page at http://dashboard.sendsocialmedia.com/login and mobile visitors will be directed there automatically.

  • Manage your Priority Inbox and Streams
  • Reply to important posts, mentions and comments on the go.
  • Read and respond to mentions
  • Read and respond to mentions of your social media monitoring terms or keywords.
  • Update all your social networks at once
  • Publish content to any of the services linked to your Send Social Media account
  • View campaign reports and analytics
  • Access your Send Social Media reports and view statistics such as clicks, comments, fan growth and more.
  • Manage your clients on the go Easily switch between clients and manage their accounts.